Amanda Green

I'm a small town Missouri girl who moved to Utah on a whim, and am still here 8 years later with no plans to leave.

I started doing pottery in college and got my Bachelors of Fine Art in Ceramics. I moved to St. George after college, and one year later a friend and I started a pottery business. By throwing myself into this venture I learned so much and grew a lot as a potter and teacher.  

Currently, I'm a working mother, potter, and part-time barista. I live in Salt Lake City with my husband and daughter. I spend much of my time outdoors, under water, in the sun, at the studio, and with my sweet little family.

Artist Statement

Clay. It’s magical. It was when I threw my first successful pot and it still is today. It goes through a transformation that has the ability to connect us to the earth, to every day life, and to each other.

  The surface designs on my work represent places or things that help me disconnect. I take these images and create pieces that then help me reconnect. It’s important to me that my form and image compliment each other in order to make work that is approachable, balanced and intriguing. I hope my work adds a little love in one’s every day life, and creates a positive connection with them.
Instagram: amandagpottery