Cathy House


Cathy House loves making things with her hands. As her artistic nature began to emerge from an overly analytic start in life as an engineer, manager, and wood worker, she found clay to offer a perfect release from the need for everything to be perfect.

She developed her ceramics skills by taking every class available through the University of Utah’s Continuing Education program at the Bountiful studio, some multiple times.

Her artistic pieces are mostly native forms with raku glazes and bare clay techniques such as burnishing and saggar firing.  She decorates her glaze work using various resist techniques and her bare clay work with colored terra sigillata and with horsehair and other carbon or color infusing techniques. Occasionally she drifts back to functional ceramics as a kind of intermezzo.

Recently retired from her day job, she mixes ceramic art with hiking, biking, skiing, and travelling with her partner, Linda.