Karissa Shae


I was born and raised in the mountain valleys of Utah. The surroundings I was raised in are reflected in the surface of my art. Inspired by Scandinavian design, I use solid colors and geometrical lines to form mountain motifs found on the surface of my functional work.

My sculptures are ultimately about unity between humans and the world we live in. I question whether humans dominate nature or if nature will always come out on top? I feel we teeter the line of being apart of the environment and controlling it. For my sculptures I draw inspiration of textures, colors, and design from the hikes I take in the mountains and deserts of Utah.  

I manage a pottery studio in Park City, Utah called Clayhouse Studios and am a board member of Clay Arts Utah. In my freetime I love to bake (so many similarities between baking and pottery!), hang out in the mountains, and do yoga.  


Instagram: karissasclay