Mary Jane Schovaers


The first time I drank a cup of coffee from a handmade ceramic mug, I wanted to know more about making pottery. 35 years later I tried my hand at doing it myself, and I was hooked!

I’ve been fortunate to study ceramic techniques with a diverse group of artists and mentors. Their talents and skills in wheel-throwing, sculpting, mold-making, and surface techniques have inspired ideas that I’ve loved exploring in my own work.

Every day I wake up thinking about making pottery.  Even now, all these years later, I still find it amazing that I can start with a simple ball of clay and end up with a treasure that will be around for a couple thousand years.

With my own work (primarily functional pottery), I strive for precision and meticulous attention to detail. I love making sharp-edged boxes and carefully sand the bottom of every piece I make. Conversely, the work I most admire from others typically is much more free-form and abstract.

Along with the making, what I enjoy most about ceramics are the friendships that have evolved in the various studios I’ve worked in. I have never met a potter I didn’t like! I love calling myself a potter. My friends (the artists, the makers and the others) might also describe me as an athletic, outdoorsy, feminist, lesbian, cat-loving democrat. Life is good.
Instagram: mary.jane.schovaers